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Visit our ham radio station at THE BRIDGE hear ham radio in action Monday-Thursday 3:30-7:00.


Welcome to The website of The Fishermen's Net Amateur Radio Club in Mount Morris, New York.  Our downtown youth ham station is open Monday-Thursday 3:30-7:00 PM. Stop by and see our ham radio setup.

Our ham radio station is located at THE BRIDGE which is a downtown after school porgram for kids and teens at 25 Chapel Street Mount Morris NY, FN12br.

Our 70 cm repeater is 444.300+ 110.9 is up.

To learn more about our outreach please log on to

Donations of amateur and two way radio equipment for our ham radio station and new licensees are always welcome. Please contact Jim Sutton N2OPS or call 585-507-1045. All contributions are tax deductable.


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